4 Aspects Of Your Car That Can Increase Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Did you know that your vehicle could be affecting your auto insurance premiums in a variety of ways? It isn't just about how expensive your car is or how new your car is -- sometimes it's about specific issues that your car may have. When you're looking for a new car, you should always check for quotes before you commit.

Otherwise you could discover that you're paying more in auto insurance than you anticipated.

1. Your Car Safety

What's your car's safety rating? It probably goes without saying that your car's safety records could affect your policy prices. But you should avoid assuming that more expensive cars are inherently safer. Usually it isn't about how expensive the car is but how new the vehicle is. A cheap car that is manufactured in 2015 may have far better security features than an expensive car manufactured in 2013, due to the way that the industry advances.

2. Your Car Color

Cars of certain colors tend to get stopped more by police and thus have a higher risk of moving violations. While it may not be fair, it's most definitely true -- red cars, in particular, tend to be pulled over more often. This isn't due to bias specifically; it's because cars that are red or yellow are more eye-catching, and thus easier to catch when they are breaking the law.

3. Your Car Make

A coupe will almost always command higher insurance premiums than a sedan -- even if the vehicle and the driver is otherwise the same. Thus, you might actually be able to save money on your insurance just by getting two extra doors! If you're looking for a new car, you might want to consider running your insurance quotes with both a coupe and a sedan to see the difference. 

4. Your Car Transmission

A stick shift car may be less expensive to purchase but it's usually more expensive to insure. Historically, stick shift vehicles -- at least in the United States -- get into more accidents due to the amount of time it takes to shift.  

While the above issues may seem trivial, there is logic behind it. An auto insurance company will only charge more for your auto insurance if you are statistically more likely to initiate a claim, get a ticket or get into an accident -- so it's actually quite fair. If you want to get a lower premium, you may want to consult with an independent auto insurance agent who can get you multiple quotes.

To learn more, contact a company like United Security Agency with any questions or concerns you have.