2 Types Of Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance may be a necessity for all drivers, but it isn't a fixed cost, and there is a lot you can do now or over a period of time to lower your premiums. Different insurance companies offer varying discounts for things such as downgrading to a cheaper car, cleaning up your driving record or even installing safety features in your car, so shopping around for the insurer with the best quotes and incentives could be a key factor in saving on your premiums.

The number of discounts offered on auto insurance can be overwhelming to comprehend, which can discourage you from finding out which discounts apply to your car insurance premium. Here is a breakdown of 2 main categories of car insurance discounts to keep you better informed on steps you can take to reduce your insurance costs.

Vehicle discounts

The car you drive car can have a huge impact on what you pay on your auto insurance premium. Certain vehicles—such as sport cars—carry higher insurance charges. Downgrading to a car with less value could lower your collision coverage, lowering your premiums.

Additionally, purchasing a car with plenty of security features, such as rear seat airbags, anti-lock brakes and in-built tracking devices could compel your auto insurer to give charge you lower your premiums.

You can also reduce the risk of theft and crashes on your existing car by enhancing its security features. This would compel your insurer to give you a break on your car premium. Examples of security features that you can easily install without spending a fortune include anti-theft protection devices such as alarms and tracking devices, as well as safety devices like passive restraints and anti-lock brakes.

Driver discounts

These are discounts you get courtesy of improving your driving prowess, using your vehicle in less risky ways or building a clean, claim-free driving record. Insurers consider you less likely to get into an accident and make a claim when you take certain steps, leading to a downward revision of your car insurance premium.

Taking an accredited driver's education course could be very beneficial for a new driver's record, while a defensive driving course could help individuals with a poor driving record improve their score and thus lower their premiums.

Some insurance companies could also lower your premiums if you subscribe for roadside assistance from an auto club/service associated with them, while some will give you a discount if your mileage falls below a certain limit. For more informaiton, talk to your insurance company (such as Allstar Insurance).