How to Get Your Car Replaced Fast After It's Damaged By a Natural Disaster

The steps you take after a natural disaster strikes and totals your car determine how soon the auto insurer settles your claim. In addition to following your insurer's procedure for making claims, other tips that can speed up the process. Here are four such tips. Document Your Case The first tip is to document your case so well that everybody can easily see what happened to your car. Your insurer is likely to be swamped with claim applications after a natural disaster.

Why Extra Pounds Shouldn't (But May) Raise Insurance Rates

If you're over a healthy BMI, you may see higher insurance rates. The companies shouldn't increase them, but you're viewed as a higher risk. Here's a look at why insurance rates put your premiums up for being overweight, but really why they shouldn't. Show Poor Health Being overweight, even by a tiny bit, shows that you're more at risk of a poorer quality of health. Insurance companies think you will die sooner due to complications linked to obesity and will increase your premiums to counter this risk.

Help! What Happens When You Are Involved In A Car Accident, And You Don't Have Insurance?

You knew by law you need at least liability coverage in your auto insurance policy, but you chose to drive without it. The question is—what happens if you happen to be in an auto accident while driving without insurance. Truthfully, it depends on what state you live in and who caused the accident. If you make a habit of driving without insurance, it is certainly worth taking the time to learn more.

Should You Buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Have you been advised to get critical illness insurance? It may have been suggested by a friend or financial advisor, and now you're wondering if it really is worth the money. Everyone wants to keep their monthly outgoings down, but there are certain areas not to scrimp. Is critical illness insurance something you should consider? Here are factors to think about to help you decide. Are You Self Employed? If something happens to you that means you can't work, what are you going to do?

How Much Should Your Deductible Be?

One of the more confusing things about health insurance is the deductible. Policies often range from having a deductible that is several hundred dollars to those that are $5,000 or above. Those with a high deductible obviously have lower monthly premiums, but not everyone can get their hands on thousands of dollars when necessary. Your head may spin while you try to decide which type will serve you and your family better.