Freaky Accidents That Your Homeowners Insurance Probably Covers

Homeowners' insurance companies are notorious for excluding some catastrophic disasters from their standard policies. For example, if you have a standard policy, then it probably doesn't cover losses arising out of natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. However, there are also some freaky accidents that your home insurance policy probably covers. Here are three examples of such accidents:

Stampeding Animals

Did you know that a pack of stampeding animals can ruin your home? They might not bring down your main dwelling unit, but they can damage the walls or even crush your garage. Imagine what a herd of wildebeests can do to your fence, and you will be interested in knowing whether your homeowners insurance covers it or not.

Fortunately, most homeowners' insurance policies cover animal damage as long as it is not pest damage. This is because pests are considered maintenance issues, and your insurance carrier won't pay you for failing to maintain your home. However, domestic or wild animal damage may be covered (some policies cover only one or the other, so it is best to confirm with your insurance company).

Space Debris

The probability of a space junk hitting your house may be very low, but it is nice to know that you are covered should such a freak accident occur. There are thousands of things floating in space – things like comets, meteors, and even man-made satellites. Most insurance companies do not have specific clauses offering coverage for damaged caused by space debris. However, these policies do offer protection for damage caused by falling objects. Therefore, you may submit that claim when a meteor hits and damages your exterior wall.


While insurance companies do not usually cover natural disasters such as flooding, it is heartening to know that volcano-related damage is an exception. While most standard homeowner policies cover damage due to a volcano eruption, there may be a limit on the types of damages covered.

For example, volcanoes are usually accompanied by tremors, and damage due to tremors/earthquakes during volcanoes (such as cracked walls) may not be covered. However, damage caused by flowing lava or falling ash damage is usually covered because they stem directly from the volcano.

Therefore, it is essential to know what your policy covers and what it doesn't cover. If you don't have a clear understanding of covered and excluded risks, then you may fail to submit a claim when you should. Talk with a Bear River insurance agent or carrier representative to understand what your coverage entails.