Lifestyle Changes You Didn't Know Could Lower Auto Insurance Rates

If your auto insurance rates are too high and you have to start saving money, it's time to look at any recent life changes you've experienced. If you have moved, switched jobs, paid off a debt or improved your credit score, these are all things that can lower your auto insurance rates.

Here are a few instances when you should start shopping around for a new policy provider, or times when you should tell your auto insurance agent you want a discount on your coverage.

You've Moved

Did you know that where you live could affect your auto insurance rates? If you have recently moved out of a highly populated city to the suburbs or from one suburb to another, you could be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance rate. Some cities have worse drivers than other cities, increasing your chances of getting into an accident. Some cities may also have a higher rate of vehicle theft. Let your agent know about your move.

Your Job Changed

Have you recently taken a job much closer to home and you no longer spend hours a day commuting? Less time behind the wheel means a lower chance of getting into and accident, and your insurance provider should know you are driving less to save money.

You Have Shelter for Your Automobile

Moving into a house or an apartment that has a garage, instead of having to park in a street or an open parking lot reduces the chances of theft or weathering damages. Reducing the risk of having to make a claim can lower your rate, and the shelter is going to help preserve the life of your automobile.

You Have Improved Your Finances

Have you improved your credit score and started making more money? A higher credit score can get you a lower rate, along with paying your insurance in full, or in bi-annual increments instead of spreading the cost out monthly. Talk with the different insurance agents about full payment discounts.

Your auto insurance shouldn't have to drain your wallet every month, especially if you haven't been getting any moving violations or having problems with other drivers. Talk with a few different insurance providers, like Ahlquist Insurance, for quotes if you have had some changes going on in your life, and if you feel like the changes may be significant enough to save you money on a new auto insurance policy.