Tips for Getting Cheaper Auto Insurance as a Teen

When you first start driving when you are sixteen, you might have a hard time paying for the auto insurance by yourself. Depending on your family's rules about using the vehicle, you might have to wait to drive until you are able to pay for the auto insurance without any assistance. This is going to require you to get your rates down to a manageable level. Here are some tips for doing this.

1. Take a Driving Class

The easiest way to make sure that your rates are lower is to take a driving class. Auto insurance companies view a person who takes a driving class as someone who is less likely to get into an accident. The only problem is that the class costs money. In order to be able to pay for the class, you might need to convince your parents to help you out, citing your safety and the safety of their vehicles as well worth their financial investment. You could also ask for driving classes as a birthday or Christmas present. Finally, you can find out whether your school offers drivers education and talk to driving schools in your area that are cheaper or offer discounts for needy teenagers.

2. Utilize Your GPA

If you have a high GPA, then you might qualify for good student discounts with certain insurance companies. Insurance companies are of the opinion that students who are responsible enough to keep their grades up by turning in projects on time are going to be more responsible drivers. This causes them to offer certain discounts to teens that have higher GPAs. First, contact your insurance company or any insurance companies that you are considering and ask about this particular discount. If your grades are beneath the level, then you will need to go to your guidance counselor and ask for his or her help planning out a way to get your grades up. Get the plan in writing and send it to the insurance company, asking if they would be willing to give you the discount as long as you make regular progress. Many insurance companies will be willing to do this.

3. Talk to Your Parents

Finally, talk to your parents and ask them to act as sponsors for your car insurance. This will often allow you to get cheaper rates as long as your parents are paying for it. Then, you can just pay your parents directly so that they aren't actually paying for your car insurance at all.

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