Looking To Save Money On Car Insurance? Ask About These 3 Discounts

Anyone with a vehicle knows how important it is to have auto insurance. However, many people end up shorting themselves on their coverage because they cannot afford all of the extras. Instead of cutting out on the insurance you need, consider asking about some of the different discounts that are available to you. Check out three of the top discounts your agent can see if you qualify for below.

Low mileage driver.

While some individuals drive thousands of miles per year, others don't. For those who don't drive very much per year, you might be able to take advantage of the low mileage discount. This discount only applies to people who drive less than a specified amount of miles per year. Each insurance carrier will have a different threshold, so you will need to confirm the amounts with your agent. They will often need proof of your current mileage and updated documents each year to prove that you didn't go over what they allowed.

Credit union member.

Since almost anyone can belong to a credit union today, it makes sense to see about getting your discount for belonging to one. Even if you don't have an account right now, you can go out and get a savings account in mere minutes with only a few dollars down. Your insurance carrier will have you sign a form that says you belong to a credit union and your account is in good standing. They often just need the name of the credit union and your account number to give you this discount.

Good student.

Depending on if you are in college or you have a student in high school on your policy, you might be eligible for the good student discount. You often have to show the insurance carrier a copy of your report card showing your grades. They typically want to see A's and B's to be eligible for the discount. Each carrier offers a different discount, but it is definitely worth checking into to save on your insurance policy.

While these are only a couple of the discounts available, there are countless others as well. You can take multiple discounts on your policy as well, which is going to help you save even more on your monthly premium. By going over the options with your insurance agent, you can afford to have the coverage you want at a price that is going to work for your needs.