College Student? Here's How To Get The Lowest Car Insurance Rates

If you're in college, you definitely live on a budget. When it comes to your car insurance, it's another bill you need to worry about paying every month and sometimes it can be pretty costly. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to be proactive in order to get the lowest auto insurance rates possible. Here are a few tips to make sure you're getting a great price on your car insurance so your budget isn't being stretched too thin.

Consider Your Car

Insurance companies measure risk, so it's only natural that a speedy sports car will  have a higher rate than a station wagon. Think about the type of car you plan to buy and find out if it will have a decent insurance rate attached. You may not need that gas-guzzling SUV for your first year of college so consider a four-door sedan instead. Other things to keep in mind include ant-theft devices, airbags, and anti-lock brakes. These safety features can help keep your insurance rates low. Many companies offer a discount for extra safety features, so look for those when you purchase a car.

Keep It In The Family

Now that you're heading to college, you probably want to start doing more things on your own. But students who stay on their parents' car insurance policy will see a much deeper discount than if they were to get a standalone policy. Most insurance companies give big discounts to families with multiple cars on one policy. They may even provide lower rates now that you're enrolled in college. You can always offer to pay Mom and Dad the monthly fee so you're still being responsible, but you will certainly get a lower rate if you stay on the family plan. 

Keep Your Grades Up

Some car insurance companies now offer discounts to students who have a certain grade average. They are rewarding your efforts with a lower rate, so be sure to study hard and make sure your GPA is high. Not only will a cheaper car insurance rate give you some incentive to do well in school, but you'll also see the difference when you go to pay the bill each month. Another factor that comes into play is how far you are from campus. The closer you are to class, the lower your insurance rate should be. Consider these factors if you're in college and need a car insurance plan so you can be sure you're getting the lowest rate available. Contact a business, such as Green Light Auto Insurance Specialists, for more information.