Fighting Rising Waters: 3 Ways To Keep Water Out When The Flood Waters Are Still Rising

When the waters of a flood start to rise and to come into your home, you want to be able to fight back. The only problem is that you may not have industrial sump pumps to keep the water out. There are some things that you can do to try to minimize the water that does get into your home. Here are some ways you can fight back against rising flood waters and reduce the water damage that it is inevitably going to cause to your home:

1.  Building Levees To Stop Rising Waters From Entering Your Home

As flood waters rise, they may be getting close to your home but not gotten in yet. Before they do get in, you may want try to keep them out with a small levee, which can be made by piling sand bags, dirt or debris around low entrance areas. To prevent materials from washing away, cover them with plastic -- rolls of plastic will work best but garbage bags will also work.

2. Find Any Available Hose To Use To Siphon Water Out Of Your Home

One of the simplest ways to start getting the flood waters out of your home is to siphon it out, which can be done with any type of hose or pipe in your home. You can prime the hose to get suction by filling it with water at an outdoor faucet. Garden hoses work good for this, but if you have access to a wider hose, such as a pool vacuum hose, you will be able to remove a higher volume of water.

3. Use Any Small Pumps That Are Available To Start Pumping The Water Out

Any type of small pumps that you can find can work for keeping flood waters out. If you have pumps for things like garden water features or a small pool filter, put them to work pumping the water out. Submersible pumps can also work really well to get water out. If you use indoor pumps, like those for an indoor fountain or fish tank, be careful not to completely submerge them in water to avoid electrical hazards. It is best to use a longer hose when possible.

4. Wet/Dry Vacuums To Start Sucking Up The Soggy Mess Caused By The Floods

Wet/dry vacuums can be a great resource to clean up any type of mess around your home. During a flood, they can be used to get water out. You can even adapt the lid of the vacuum to fit a larger bucket to get water out of hard to get to places. When the waters subside, these vacuums can be an essential cleaning tool to help you clean up the mess.

These are some of the ways you can fight the rising waters of an unfortunate flood. Once the waters recede, the cleaning process will begin. If you do not have flood insurance, you may want to contact an insurance agent, like United Insurance Agency Inc, to buy home insurance that includes coverage for flooding to protect you if the waters rise again.