How Getting Married Affects Your Insurance

Getting married is a wonderful, exciting life event. However, you may be so busy planning your special day that you forget about other changes that you need to make, especially changes to your insurance. What changes should you expect? Here is a guide on how your insurance may change after your big day.

1. Auto-insurance savings

Many people don't expect that aspects of their car insurance may change after they get married, but this can happen. Insurance companies may consider marital status when determining your premium, and being married can save you money on your car insurance premiums. Also, many auto-insurance companies offer discounts when you add another driver to your policy.

2. New or changing life-insurance policies

When you get married, you make a promise to be responsible for your spouse. If you don't already have life insurance, you should purchase a policy. You don't want your spouse to have to pay for funeral costs and bills if you pass. If you already have life insurance, you should make sure the beneficiary is your spouse. You may also want to increase your policy so your cars, home, and other types of debt will be paid for.

3. Homeowner's insurance purchase

One of the most major purchases you make during your marriage will likely be your home. If you and your spouse would like to invest in your residence by buying rather than renting, a home may be high on your priority list after your wedding. If you buy a home, you will need homeowners insurance. Homeowner's insurance covers you in the event of a fire, flood, or burglary. As a married couple, you will also be able to save money on premiums by combining your homeowner's insurance with your auto and life-insurance policies.

4. Health-insurance premiums increase or decrease

Marriage may affect your health-insurance premiums by causing them to increase or decrease. If you and your spouse were purchasing your own policies before the wedding, adding one of you to the other one's policy may save you money on premiums. However, if one of you didn't have insurance before or is a smoker or overweight, you or your spouse's premiums may increase with the addition of another person to the policy. Talk with your insurance agent to learn how marriage will affect your premiums.

These are the ways getting married may affect your insurance. Contact your insurance company or an agency like The Blondin Agency Inc - Nationwide Insurance to learn more about how marriage will affect you according to your specific situation.